"Kaylie Melville mesmerised with her dancing movements among the large percussion set-up, and demonstrated an extraordinary ability to impart a sense of musicality to even the smallest gestures."
- Zoe Barker, Partial Durations (September 2016)

"The final movement [of Per Nørgård’s Percussion Concerto For a Change] was an absolute tour de force of percussion playing, demanding great reserves of stamina. It was almost as if Melville herself had become the Sacrificial Maiden with a frenzy of sustained drumming, hypnotic enough to put anybody in an altered state of consciousness. Her slender, lithe frame swayed to driving rhythms with unerring commitment. The drumming of feet that accompanied the enthusiastic applause was a fitting acknowledgment of her immense skill and musicianship."
- Heather Leviston, Classic Melbourne (March 2016)

"Melville gave a bravura performance [of Norgard's Percussion Concerto], moving from drums and woodblocks to a large array of gongs, then over to a panoply of more drums – the whole exercise carried out with assurance and an obvious familiarity with the Danish composer’s demands."
- Clive O'Connell, O'Connell the Music (March 2016)

For Rubiks

"With this stellar opening programme, Rubiks Collective has made a significant case for it being one of the most exciting ensembles gracing Australia’s contemporary music stage."
- Andrew Aronowicz, Limelight Magazine (February 2017)

"From the multicoloured butterflies of Saariaho’s Sept papillons to the dark bouquet of Smith’s Things are become new, the concert showcased Rubiks’ searingly-precise ensemble skills and instrumental control. Rubiks are a formidable contribution to Australia’s growing community of contemporary music makers."
- Matthew Lorenzon, Partial Durations (November 2015)

For Speak Percussion

"Assembly Operation by Speak Percussion is an extraordinary aural journey."
- Shirley Jensen, Stage Whispers (August 2017)

"So the experience was rather like sitting beneath a canopy of stars and trying to take it all in; an impossible task but endlessly enjoyable to try... At 70 minutes duration, [Speak Percussion's A wave and waves] passed as if but in a fraction of that time. A powerful exercise in 'mindfulness'; a reminder of the exquisite beauty within small things. 5 stars of out 5 (exceptional, unforgettable, a must see)."
- David Barmby, ArtsHub (October 2015)

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