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ANAM: Taxidermy

  • Australian National Academy of Music 210 Bank St South Melbourne Australia (map)

For this special ANAM project, guest artist Tim Munro shows how simple tools can be used in amazing ways. In composer Juri Seo’s hands, three humble tubes of metal, each with a single, drilled hole, make an unearthly “wah-wah” noise. For Caroline Shaw's Taxidermy, humble flower pots sing. A half dozen tuning forks sizzle and hum in Amy Kirsten’s work, and once the lid is taken off a piano, six musicians perform musical surgery for Mayke Nas’ Twelve Hands After all of this strange, man-made chaos, seek comfort in Australian composer Alice Chance’s Comfort Music.

Juri Seo Wah for percussion trio
Caroline Shaw Taxidermy for percussion quartet
Amy-Beth Kirsten They might be giants for flute and vocalising percussion quartet
Mayke Nas Twelve Hands
Alice Chance Comfort Music