Imaginarium: Rubiks & Marcus Fjellström

If you saw Rubiks play in 2015, there's a good chance you've seen a performance of Marcus Fjellström's Odboy and Erordog. We've been completely enamored with the work of this Swedish composer and animator, and we're delighted to be presenting 'Imaginarium', a portrait concerto of his works, in April as part of the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music's New Music Studio. To make the news even more exciting, Marcus will be joining us in Melbourne for an exclusive Australian appearance!

Fjellström’s work draws on a diverse range of influences, ranging from Aphex Twin and Autechre to Ligeti and Debussy. Since completing his first major audiovisual work in 2008, Fjellström has continued to challenge the gap between ‘high’ and ‘low’ culture, the naïve and the sophisticated, good and bad taste. The chamber and solo works presented in this portrait concert showcase Fjellström’s masterful combinations of acoustic instruments, electronic scores and his own unique animations. By turns playful, humorous, disturbing and touching, Fjellström’s works explore the intersection between contemporary music, the occult, cartoons, nightmares, video games, and  children's drawings in a cross-media presentation that captivates the senses. - Rubiks Media Release, March 2016

Rubiks will present four of Marcus' works for live instruments, electronics and animation in this free concert at Melba Hall: Klavierbuch #1 (2015, Australian premiere), Odboy and Erordog Suite (2009-12), Alchemist Dances (2012), and Imaginarium (2011, Australian premiere). For more information, please visit the Rubiks website or our Facebook event page

What's next?  

  • Looking forward to rehearsing with Carolyn Schofield, Madi Chwasta, Jonathan Griffiths and Thea Rossen for our Bricolage performance at Conduit on March 20. We'll be performing Carolyn's work Shallows for vibraphone and synthesizer, and a selection of movements from Elliot Cooper Cole's Postludes for four players bowing a single vibraphone. I'm currently relearning to play the vibraphone upside-down for Elliot's piece - it takes a while to get your head around where the notes are!
  • I'll be joining the Melbourne Metropolitan Sinfonietta next Friday for 'Midnight Songs', a concert of new works and arrangements by Julian Yu, James Wade, Liam Flenady and Elliott Gyger (who is also on conducting duties).
  • A recording with Rubiks' flautist Tamara Kohler for the latest in her 'Piece in the Shape' series, to be presented in Sydney as part of the 2016 Safari Festival. For more details and performance dates, visit Tamara's website.